What does mukk mean?

Mukk means beautiful in Estonian dialect and is not very widely used word in present day.

Are your products vegan?

Yes, our products are cruelty-free and contain plant-based ingredients that are suitable for vegans. We produce everything ourselves which means we have a control over the production process.

How do you develop your products and where are they made?

By mukk is proudly an Estonian owned company and we develop and create all our products exclusively in small batches in by mukk studio on island Saaremaa. The development of a product is contributed by the laborotories of our ingredient suppliers, by the Republic of Estonia Health Board and safety assessment specialists.

What is the expiry date of the products?

Our natural products have a shelf-life of one year. We recommend to use the opened product within 6 months to be sure that the ingredients are fresh and at the top of their game just for your skin.

How should I store the products?

By mukk products are very low maintenance. All they need is a cool place away from direct sunlight and clean hands. And also a little bit of your attention.

Why is it so important that the by mukk products contain water?

Water is a very important ingredient, especially in products that contain different oils and butters. Water contributes the synthesis and fission of substances, also facilitating a better formula absorption to the skin. We use distilled water, which, like rainwater, is considered to be rejuvenating.

What do tags “1” and “2” in the ingredients list mean?

Number one (from 100% essential oils) marks the natural origin of the used scents (limonene, linalool, citral etc). This information is especially important for the people who experience allergic reaction to fragrances. Number two (organic) highlights the ingredients with organic certificate.

Why do you use glass bottles as a packaging?

Simple. Glass is environmentally friendly material that is safe for the planet and the formula inside. In addition, glass can be recycled an infinite number of times. Dark amber color of the bottles protects formulas from direct light and helps to maintain ingredients fresh.

Why do you use aluminium tubes as a packaging?

Aluminium tubes are light and oxygen proof, prolonging product's shelf life and freshness. Tube packaging also protects products from the microbes. The inside of an aluminum tube is covered with a protecting layer which makes it prevents formulas not to be in contact with the aluminum. Aluminium packaging can be recycled with a low energy consumption.

Are by mukk products safe for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is sensitive. And sometimes very unpredictable. If are dealing with a sensitive skin we advise you to consult with a dermatologist. To test out the product, add small patch away from your face for a 24 hour monitoring period. If you do not experience any reaction slowly work the product into your skin care regimen by using smaller amounts at first. If you have any questions or feedback write to us at

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